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I cannot write too many words now, as I am super busy with my final piece before graduation. Just I want to leave a link to an evocative video that I relate to. I was moved by it, because I get visit by ghosts, too. I always think in my mind that I never want to SEE them, but I do get some visit since when I was a child.

For example, right after Daigo was born, he started crying in early morning. I couldn’t get up right away, as I was taking care of him all night. Then I heard someone gently saying, shhhh, shhhh… Of course nobody was in our bedroom. Then Daigo stopped crying. 

Recently, again when Daigo started crying in the middle of the night, I felt someone touching me on the bed linen. I tried to reach the hands, then the hands held my hand, just like I do for Daigo when he cannot sleep. It was a woman’s hands, as if she urged me to wake up and cuddle my baby. I wonder who she was.

I don’t believe that death makes us apart. I strongly feel that we are protected by something I cannot (or refuse to) see. I just wanted to thank them whether they are at this moment living or not.


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May 17, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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