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Zero Project by Katsushige Nakahashi

Zero Project by Katsushige Nakahashi

On 14 August, at Artforum, a visiting Japanese artist Katsushige Nakahashi will give a lecture regarding his art projects.  One of his project is called Zero Project featuring Japanese fighter planes during WWII.  He and many volunteers fabricate a work with thousands of pictures and burn the finished work at the site of significance in the Pacific War.  I will translate his lecture into English.  The lecture will be held at Lecture Theater, School of Art, ANU from 1 pm. 

14 August 1945 is the day that Japan decided to accept Potsdam Declaration and surrender unconditionally.  Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced it through radio on the next day, so 15 August is usually considered to be the anniversary of the end of WWII in Japan.


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