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Rapid Prototyper 2

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Since I wrote the last blog “Rapid Prototyper”, I have been struggling to put my work together.  First, I had to make silicon molds with the box and the lid made by Rapid Prototyper. 


It was disastrous.  I coated bumps inside of the box with super glue (and still it was impossible to make it completely smooth) and I left it dry for a couple of days before I sanded it.  Making silicon mold with the lid was quite successful.  But as for the box, the silicon stuck inside and I took hours to tear the silicon off the box.  Now the inside of the box is full of scratch and some remaining of silicon.  I have to think another way to smooth it out and how I will make silicon mold again.  For now, I used just outside of the box for silicon model, and for inside, I used wood model.  From these models, I made the final plaster + silica mold for firing.


hexagon boxes

test pieces of "hexagon box", glass, Chieko Tagami


Next time I will talk about what these boxes are about.


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June 11, 2008 at 10:35 am

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