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I am now trying to make glass hexagon boxes. It is one of my projects. Since I want to make a lot of them (may be at least 20 – 30?) and put them beside each other, I needed the original model of the box to be in precise shape. It is so difficult to make such shape by hands, so I asked someone to make it by computer!

hexagon box (made by rapid prototyper)And here it is. The machine which made it is called Rapid Prototyper. I heard that it was 8 years old, but still working pretty well. It took 9 hours for this machine to make this little box (approx. W10 x D10 x H7 cm). Surface could be sometimes a little bumpy but you can fix it by coating with super glue and/or by sanding it. Fixing the surface is the trickiest part and I used heaps of super glue to achieve reasonably smooth surface, especially inside of the box. I needed to do it when it is still the original model, because you cannot polish inside of the glass box unless you have a special tool – and even with such tool, it is difficult to achieve flat surface. When the surface of the glass is bumpy, the glass doesn’t look clear.

I will write more about the theme of this project another time. For now I do not have time and energy, since I have to work from early morning till midnight every day for tons of assignment and my own projects including this one.


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May 18, 2008 at 11:12 am

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