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Children’s Day

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May doll

Doll for the Boy's Festival

Tomorrow 5 May is “Children’s Day”, one of many national holidays in Japan (BTW yesterday 3 May was Constitution Day, another national holiday). Around this day Japanese eat rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf. Old oak leaves do not fall until new leaves come out and it is interpreted that parents do not die until children are born. Oak leaf is a symbol of wish to be gifted with children.

Long time ago I heard an absolutely beautiful allegory. “Child is like a book borrowed from heaven. You do not own it and must return it some day, but you learn a lot from it.”

Probably I will learn a lot about myself and above all, I will learn how to express and receive unconditional love. Children always love parents unconditionally, even if it may be for their survival. Therefore, adults are entirely responsible and must not betray children. When my child is born, my work may drastically change. And I will change completely, too.

May all the children in the world find themselves happy and healthy.


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May 4, 2008 at 10:39 am

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