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Damaged people

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This blog is supposed to be about my artistic practice and thought, but this is something I really have to say today before concentrating on tons of assignments again.

Unfortunately it is a simple fact that there are too many damaged people on earth living as if they were innocent. They have “friends” (although they most probably are not true friends), family, decent jobs. They often do not understand they are dealing with a human-being, since others are nothing more than objects at their disposal. Therefore, they are completely insensitive about other’s feelings or problems. Instead, they are only capable of focusing on their own feelings or problems and creating bizarre reasons why their action can be justified. And the worst thing is that they do not care to destroy other’s lives. There are such people everywhere in the world in various ways. Even though I believe there is justice which will work in the long run (not just by living human-beings), it may take too long before such justice is done. What I can do is just to pray that they will not harm others any further and they will learn what they have done one day. However, (it may sound harsh but) it is frankly impossible for real screw-loose to learn something fair and reasonable. Not in this life anyway. It is really unfortunate for them.

Recently a law which prohibits possession of child pornography has passed in Japan. Japan has much more severe restriction regarding pornography in general comparing with many other countries. However, it is still true that there is a huge industry and market for pornography in Japan. Child porn started becoming an issue recently and it is horrifying. Really, for some people, it’s ok to treat other human-beings (especially women and children) as less than objects. Since I now live in Australia, I googled “child porn” in Australian site. 247,000 hits. Scarely. There are heaps of awful news relating to this. There are abusers everywhere in every state. As you know, it is not only in a big cities – also in a small village in the middle of nowhere. As long as you live on the earth, there is no escape.

Can education prevent from creating damaged people? I doubt it. In reality there are many highly educated screw-looses and sociopaths. Upbringing? Probably. However, environment or circumstance does not determine the quality of someone. After all, it may be to do with what a person has brought with birth. I’d like to write more about it, but I have to go back to my work.


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May 3, 2008 at 9:48 am

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