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My childhood story 1/2 (Japanese traditional dance)

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arabesqueIn making my glass works, there are two factors that determine my direction as an artist. One of which is my identity as a Japanese who grew up in traditional environment. Another is my deep inner psyche and philosophy that I have had since when I was a child.

Today I am going to talk about the first factor: my upbringing.

My grandfather and my father are both masters of Shakuyachi (Japanese bamboo flute) and Sigin (musical recitation of a poem). My mother let me learn Japanese traditional dance since when I was three years old. She learned the dance herself, too, and became a master. She used to learn Koto (Japanese harp), had taught calligraphy to adults and children and now still teaches Japanese traditional exercise Jikyojyutsu which seemed to save her life from number of serious sickness. Such family involved in so many traditional something is not very common in modern Japan.

As I learned Japanese traditional dance since when I was so young, Japanese kimono, sensu (fan), tenugui (cotton towel) and their beautiful patterns became part of my life. The mesmerizing sceneries of stage, gorgeous costumes, songs just like holy chant – everything was so unreal and yet very familiar to me because I have seen and been on such stages so many times.

Now kimono is getting very popular among young Japanese and I think it is wonderful since Japanese beauty is long forgotten and hopefully it does not end just as temporal phenomena. As for me, Japanese tradition is something deeply engraved and imprinted in my mind. In my glass works, I am trying to adopt the patterns I am so familiar with, such as arabesque patterns and hexagon patterns.

Next time I will talk about the second factor influencing my glass making.


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April 19, 2008 at 12:25 pm

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