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Pan’s Labyrinth

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pans_labyrinth.jpgSometime ago, my friend in Japan reccommended Pan’s Labyrinth. Recently I found the DVD in a library and watched it. Yes, it was indeed full of cruel scenes which I often had to push “forward” button or just close my eyes. However, especially after watching it again listening to the Director Guillermo del Toro’s commentary and viewing bonus features explaining the background, art and philosophy behind this movie, I totally became admiring how this movie was well crafted.

A girl in this movie has to pass three tests in order to become a princess in fantasy world of immortality. In series of the trials, no matter what danger she goes through, she still does not distrust her nature and instinct. She chooses for herself – even if it means that she fails the tests, she remains true to herself.

The director says that the tests are not important in terms of her failing or passing them. The important thing is how she deals with the tests – how brave, how self-reliant, and how her spirit remains intact.

A lot of the times I fail things by having doubt about myself and ignor what my feelings really tell me. I accepted what people told me to do.  Even when I questioned if their advice really works for me, because of lack of my confidence and experience, I followed the advice and made a mistake.

I do believe that self-trust is one of the most important and difficult goals to achieve. Any advice is valuable and it is easy to follow others’ paths, but ultimately you have to choose for yourself.  Nobody takes responsibility for you when you fail because of their advice. After all, you have to rely on yourself and walk on your own feet. That is the only way to remain your integrity and be your true self.


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March 17, 2008 at 2:02 pm

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